42 Rules of Product Marketing



Thinking to move into product marketing? Never comprehended how Product marketing is different from Product management? Are you trying to learn more about what it takes to be good at product marketing and how it integrates into the marketing eco system? This book helped me figure out some missing pieces of my understanding in product marketing. 


Purchasing an iBook is an experience by itself and looking back at the experience after reading the book, Apple seams to have done most of its product marketing right. 

42 rules of product marketing, puts together inputs from high profile marketers in the industry to help you get a perspective in all aspects of business. High profile marketers don’t have to be the best in training you, but as prospective marketers, their views can serve as more than just a lesson.

Most of book seems to target B2B marketing space, though there is a great example of how Nokia had to stay hands off during the last 3 steps of of its sales cycle. It would be an eye opener for marketers who try to retain control of the entire value chain. 

The book deals with the entire value chain and the plethora of responsibilities that a typical product marketer would deal with. I highly recommend this book if you need a sneak peek into a typical role that you would play as a product marketer. 


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